Our brushes will last as long as their plastic competitors. However, dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months to get the best oral care.
Our bristles are made of Nylon 6 – the same material used in regular brushes so you will get the same brush feel that you are used to. Unfortunately, only pig and badger hair have the same natural occurring properties as nylon and we don’t think we want to brush our teeth with that! We are currently working on researching natural bristles that will allow us to produce the first fully sustainable brush, stay tuned!
To properly dispose of the toothbrush, it is important to separate the bristles from the handle. The head of the brush can be cut of just below the bristles or a pair of pliers can be used to remove the bristles from the handle. Once separated the bamboo handle can be placed in a compost bin or even used as garden stakes. The bristles can then be disposed of in your general waste, alternatively please contact your local recycling depot as some facilities will recycle the bristles.Please let us know of your other creative ways that you reuse your bamboo handle as we always love to see them! We will put the best ones up on our social media pages.
Our bamboo brushes are made in China.
Currently we ship all of our orders from our warehouses in the UK and Ireland.
Our products use the Moso bamboo species to make our handles which is not used as a food source by the panda. Additionally, both Giant and small pandas live predominately in the central mountainous regions of China which are far away from where the large Moso bamboo species is grown and used to produce our products. This means production of our brushes offers no danger to the pandas!
Each year the core bamboo plant will grow many new bamboo stems, each of which can grow to their full length of up to 20 meters in only a matter of months. It will then take 5 years for each stem to strength and gain the required hardness that make it an excellent durable production material. In this way a well manged bamboo plantation can harvest their 5-year-old stems every year while keeping the same size of forest. Allowing for a stable forest size and a truly sustainable product.
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