Family pack(2 Blue and 2 Pink) --- BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL OFFER!


Family pack(2 Blue and 2 Pink) — BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL OFFER!





Looking after and disposing of our bamboo toothbrush

Care for your bristles and handle
For best results we recommend storing your toothbrush somewhere that can allow it to air-
dry such as an open-air toothbrush holder or another dry area.
Rinse your bristles with water after each use as you would with your plastic toothbrush.
The handle may become faded and appear lighter over time, don’t worry this is normal!
Bamboo is a naturally occurring material and therefore as it is used it will change its
appearance over time. Great news is that this doesn’t affect the performance and you can
expect the same great results every time you brush.

Disposal of our bamboo toothbrush
To properly dispose of the toothbrush, it is important to separate the bristles from the
handle. The head of the brush can be cut of just below the bristles or a pair of pliers can be
used to remove the bristles from the handle. Once separated the bamboo handle can be
placed in a compost bin or even used as garden stakes. The bristles can then be disposed of
in your general waste, alternatively please contact your local recycling depot as some
facilities will recycle the bristles.

Disposal of the toothbrush packaging
Our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable and can be placed in your household recycling
bin or disposed at your local recycling depot.


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